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Our Story

Who We Are

A true family business, Chuppe Health got its start three decades ago when brothers Greg and Steve hung the clinic's first shingle. Operating under the name Chuppe Chiropractic, the siblings provided a short list of chiropractic services.

Business was good, but the brothers knew it could be better. Better for patients. Overall health and wellness, which is what they aimed to inspire, wasn't treated through chiropractic techniques alone.

In 1999 they added physical therapy services. This move paved the way for other treatment options to follow including dry needling, nutritional counseling, sports performance and more.

Dr. Greg and Dr. Steve continue to lead the team at Chuppe Health, which welcomed its second generation chiropractor Dr. Sarah Mack in 2014.

Today, Chuppe Health is committed to providing consistent care that builds resilient bodies and acute care for when injury strikes*. Its history demonstrates the company's dedication to patient care and its future is certain because of the clinic's progressive approach.

Not related, but family just the same, Chuppe Health is home to Doctors Laci Moritz, Jodi Wolf and Michael Carlson. Each doctor brings a breadth of experience and special interest in a variety of chiropractic techniques and patient wellness.

Dr. Laci joined Chuppe in 2006 and finds herself complimenting her chiropractic education with holistic care. Young and mature patients find themselves at ease in Dr. Laci's presence and appreciate her individual attention and individualized treatment plans.

Just two years after Dr. Laci arrived, Chuppe Health welcomed licensed physical therapist Dr. Jodi. A passion for on-going education pays off for Dr. Jodi's patients. From sports injuries and accidents to arthritic conditions, Dr. Jodi blends traditional technique with emerging treatments.

The latest addition to the Chuppe Health family is Dr. Michael Carlson who began practicing in 2015. Dr. Michael enjoys caring for all patients and has a special place in his heart for athletes. While injuries often prompt visits, Dr. Michael welcomes athletes to visit the office to perfect their performance through nutrition, kinesiology and radiology.

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