Doctors Biographies

The doctors at Chuppe Chiropractic specialize in chiropractic care, physical therapy treatment, sports injuries and prevention, pre-natal, pediatric and nutritional counseling.

Dr. Greg Chuppe

Dr. Greg Chuppe grew up on a ranch in the Badlands of western North Dakota. Prior to obtaining his degree as a chiropractor, Dr. Greg attended Scranton High School and went on to begin his undergrad studies at Bismarck State College and Dickinson State University. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1986. In 1988, Dr. Greg founded Chuppe Clinic with his brother, Dr. Steve Chuppe.

He has years of experience in helping patients achieve their health goals through chiropractic care and functional nutrition. Dr. Greg is motivated and passionate about helping his patients reach their wellness goals through an overall lifestyle approach of health living, eating habits, and exercise. Dr. Greg offers nutritional counseling and chiropractic care to help patients feel their best and is dedicated to continued research and education on the topics. When Dr. Greg is not in the office you will find him spending time with his wife, Laurie, his children and grandchildren. Since living in Bismarck, he has been very involved at his local church and enjoys teaching home Bible studies and is also an avid hunter and golfer.

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