Allergies, Sinuses and Headaches

Allergies are responses our immune system makes when in the presence of an allergen – a typically unharmful foreign substance. This response can cause inflammation of the joints, which can be a catalyst for pain in your spine.

The allergens cause inflammation in your nasal passages, attacking your sinuses and resulting in sinusitis. Consequently, headaches will result and can prevent you from accomplishing and enjoying your daily tasks. Most people experiencing issues with their sinuses have also reported feeling neck pain.

The continuous pressure the neck and back undergo because of your sinuses’ reactions to an allergen can be damaging and inevitably wear down your body’s immune system. Back and neck problems may also manifest from routinely sneezing and coughing during an allergic episode.

A Doctor of Chiropractic can help cure headaches resulting from allergy and sinus issues without the use of drugs or medication. Additionally, chiropractic care can influence various lifestyle changes to help reduce the risk of recurring infections in your sinuses.

Contact us if you’re experiencing discomfort with your head, neck and back as a result of problems with allergies, sinuses, and headaches and would like to make an appointment.