Sinusitis, Ear Infections, Heartburn and Headaches

Did you know that while chiropractic care is most commonly thought of to treat back pain and body aches, it is also a holistic approach to treatment and can remedy chronic sinusitis, ear infections, heartburn and headaches?

Our nervous system begins in our brain and travels down through the spinal cord, sending signals through the neck, midback, and low back.  These signals communicate with our entire body, sending messages to our muscles, limbs, and all of our internal organs.  Spinal misalignment at any level of our neck or back can interfere with these messages, causing that body part or organ to not function properly. 

In that way, misalignment in the upper neck can cause sinus/inner ear symptoms, headaches, or TMJ pain.  In the midback, misalignment may produce heartburn, acid reflux, respiratory, or digestive issues.  When the low back is misaligned, it may result in buttock or leg pain, bowel or bladder symptoms, or issues affecting the reproductive system.

Chiropractic does not directly treat these all too common chronic conditions, however it does address the structural misalignments of the spine that may have caused them in the first place.  Fortunately, relieve can often be found with a few spinal adjustments.  Fortunately, relief can often be found with a few spinal adjustments.  Visit Chuppe Clinic to see if spinal misalignments could be at the root of your discomfort.